Welcome to remaking.co.uk – the brand new website from Makings, UK home of rag rug making since 1991. This new site will be all about recrafting with a bigger range of materials and methods.

Latest update: Saturday 2nd March

Next up for a remaking craft – PUTTING THE CAN INTO CANDLEMAKING!

We’re currently preparing our new Candle Remaking kits. The idea is to reuse old candles [plenty of tips to come] with a kit providing everything you need to get started, including wax all the other materials, except for melting and mixing pots.

The twist is the kit includes tools to make your own melting and mixing pots out of ordinary ‘easy-open’ tin cans [the ones with a ring pull]. The simple tools give it a spout that makes it pour steadily and cleanly. So you can quickly, and very easily, make as many mixing pots as you want and upcycle old tins at the same time! The kit will include a snap on wooden handle for the melting pot and pegs for handling the mixing pots. 

Here’s the simple can re-shaper that we make from sustainable hardwood

The re-shaper goes in…

The wedge goes down…

The new clean pouring melting or mixing pot…


The can in candlemaking – Pouring smoothly and cleanly…

All this will make our new candle remaking kit much cheaper than other kits, that include vessels, and have much less impact on the environment.

Coming soon! Please revisit this site or check out our main site: https://www.makings.co.uk/

Here’s the tools we’re using to upcycle expanded polystyrene.

Also coming soon

Keeper cards/picture mounts made from cardboard boxes. 

And here’s the tools: